Gas Fireplace Installation in Duntroon

If you’re looking to elevate the comfort, warmth, cosiness, and value of your property, fewer installations can maximize your investment more than a gas fireplace. When Duntroon residents want to add high-quality and long-lasting gas fireplaces to their homes, they call on the experts at Newhouse Home Comfort Inc..

We offer a range of options for those wanting to cuddle up by the fire or wow their guests with a welcoming blaze. Reap all the benefits of a working gas fireplace today when you recruit our team of pros for your installation.

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A Safety-Conscious and Licensed Gas Fireplace Installation Service

One of the main concerns many homeowners have about installing a gas fireplace in their homes is the safety aspect. This worry can be laid to rest for good when you work with our skilled and fully licensed team of fireplace installation specialists.

When you collaborate with our company on your installation, you can expect the following:

  • Certified and safety-conscious technicians
  • All your questions answered by trained professionals
  • Transparent and upfront quotes
  • Guidance on product selection
  • Timely turnarounds and minimized hassle
  • Flawless and durable installations
  • …and more

We’re confident we have what it takes to provide you with a perfectly installed and long-lasting gas fireplace. Get in touch with our team today and let us outfit your home with a comfort-adding feature you and your household can enjoy for many years.

The Ins and Outs of Gas Fireplaces

Should you install a vented or a ventless gas fireplace in your home? Where is the best location for it? Do you have to build a chimney for a gas fireplace? How can you ensure your fireplace is energy-efficient? These are all questions you might have about installing a gas fireplace—and we have the answers.

There are several different types of gas fireplaces you can install, and the right choice largely depends on the existing infrastructure you have to support it. For instance, if switching from a wood-burning fireplace to a gas, you can likely install an insert in the same place. But you don’t have to worry about making these decisions alone! When you get in touch with us, we’ll consider your unique property and recommend the best and most affordable option for you to install a safe, gorgeous fireplace in your setting.

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Install a Gas Fireplace in Your Duntroon Property

The process of installing a gas fireplace is complex, and every step is crucially important. It will likely begin with preparing the installation site, either building a wall recess or reworking an existing space. Further steps include installing durable and accessible ventilation systems and exhaust piping, adding tile around the fireplace unit, and installing and connecting the gas and electricity lines. All these steps require an experienced and trained hand to do them correctly and safely.

The team at Newhouse Home Comfort Inc. is well-versed in the complex procedure of installing a gas fireplace. Working with the proper tools and materials, we ensure your fireplace is suitably ventilated and mounted so you can use it for as long as you like.

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